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U2 Song Icon Challenge

U2 Song Icon Challenge Community
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Inspired by dysprosium's U2 "I love *album name*" icons, this community will be challenged to do an icon for 1 U2 song each challenge. You can try to capture the essense of the song/video, make an icon that makes you think of the song, use the lyrics of the song, or any other way you wish to icon the song. At this point, there are no restrictions! Have fun! Be creative!

Here's how it will work:

The challenge song will be posted, along with the deadline.
Post your entries as individual posts to this community.
The entries will be compiled by admin & a seperate post will be made where you will vote for your top 3.


1. Until we get quite a few people entering, you may submit up to 3 icons for each challenge.
2. All icons must meet LJ requirements (under 40k; 100x100 or smaller; and a gif, jpg, or png).

3. Any possibly offensive icons or nudity, put behind a cut with a short reason for the cut so people who want to avoid that type of icon may avoid it.

4. Don't vote for yourself.

5. If at all possible, include your username (or something similar) in the url of your icon. (Makes it easier when compiling the votes)+

6. Submitting an icon to this challenge community does NOT mean that the person wants to share that icon, so if you want to snag an icon, ASK FIRST.

7. If you've already got an icon for a particular song, it's fine to enter that.

I will TRY to make banners for the winners, but I'm not great at that, so if anyone would like to help with that, please just let me know. Really, I'd adore the help.

I'm sure questions will come up, so please just ask. :)

BTW, if you spam this community, you had better make it 1 regular sized text link with a short description. Also, it needs to be at least somewhat on-topic for this community.

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u2 is love.
made by: obviousenigma
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